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4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E & 4L80E

If your 4LE transmission has either the Neutral Safety Switch installed, or the long Range Select Shaft remaining, then you need to get one of our 4LE fix-it kits. And if using the short shaft you are having adjustment issues you may need a different lever to correct clocking differences.

We have them for either Rod Linkage or Cable Linkage applications.

Cable Linkage

Long Shaft

Our 4LE fix-it kits resolve rod linkage conflicts with the electric neutral safety/backup light switch located on the exterior of the transmission and for cable applications straighten out the cable alignment.

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Short Range Select Shaft

This is how the shaft is on your 200-4R, 700-R4 and 4L60. Sometimes builders swap these short shafts into the later 4LE transmissions.

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4L80E with switch

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Long Range Select Shaft

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Cable installed outboard and then inboard with 700-R4 style kit.
The long shaft forces an awkward cable alignment.


4LE-C Cable Linkage fix-it . . . . . $18.50
Use when the electronic overdrive transmission
has the neutral safety switch mounted on the outside.

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click  for larger image Cable mounted inboard and straight.

Short Shaft Clocking

If your 4L80 has the short shaft then it may be clocked differently than the standard 700R4 or the long shaft. If you find you are having trouble with cable adjustment this may be the issue.
Long shaft with offset lever 602F and with flat lever 602L
Both are clocked at the same position on the dial

Short shaft with offset lever 602F and with 602P that corrects different clocking.


602-P - 4L80 Clocking Fix . . . . . $12.50




Rod linkage

4LE Rod Linkage fix-it . . . . . $18.50


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Rod linkage points up and normally will conflict with the switch.

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