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Column Shifter Linkage

Transmission Shift Arm Connection Kit
for column shifters TH350, TH400, TH200-4R, TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L80

The Kugel Komponents Kit connects the column or floor shifter to most GM transmissions. It also allows for gear pointer alignment. A splined adapter button allows the arm to be positioned at any angle. A slot positions the pivot joint for longer or shorter sweep and pointer alignment.

The rod assembly for the Kugel Komponets is 17" 23½" pivot to pivot.

The rod assembly for the CPP is 7" 24" pivot to pivot.

  Kugel Komponents parts included in kit

Kugel Komponets
Rod Assembly

17" 23½" pivot to pivot.
#KK02  . . . . $49.50

Need help! click hereKugel Installation Instructions 

Classic Performace Products
Rod Assembly

7" 24" pivot to pivot.
#CPP02  . . . . $49.50

Need help! click hereCPP Installation Instructions 



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