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1964 and earlier Corvette

Original Powerglide Shifter

The early Corvette automatic console shifter mounted to the side of the Powerglide transmission. The Powerglide tail housing was specially cast to accommodate the shifter. As a result, reusing this shifter under the factory console is a big problem. Even if you can devise and construct the necessary brackets to mount the shifter, it will probably end up not in the right spot, as the newer transmissions are wider and larger.

The problems are: 1) No place to mount the factory shifter, 2) Console is very low to the floor and most floor mounted shifters do not fit under it. 3) It remains functionally a 2-speed shifter.

SHIFTWORKS new Shifter

TH350, TH400, TH200-4R, TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L65, 4L80

Our solution at Shiftworks is our new shifter that mounts to the floor of the car. It uses a rod linkage like the factory shifter and can be mounted flush with the floor for clearance under the console. Our recommended version comes complete with all mounting hardware, rod linkage components, neutral safety/back-up light switch, and a black or white smoothie shift knob. Our shifter is designed to function like and look like a factory shifter. It works with all TH GM transmissions. It has a 1/2 inch diameter stainless steel handle and is made in Rochester, New York.

6 inch stainless handle with optional offset rod control arms included. Neutral Safety/Backup light switch pre-installed.

Reverse lock-out detent. Smoothies Knob is screwed to internal shaft: push knob down to unlock handle.


Complete Shifter Kit

SW230-R23 - Black-knob - 6 inch handle. . . . $295.00

SW230-R24 - White-knob - 6 inch handle. . . . $295.00

3-speed Handle Travel (PDF)
4-speed Handle Travel (PDF)

Typical Installation Guide

1958-62 Corvette Console Automatic Indicators

SW263-042    TH350 & Th400 . . . . $19.50

SW263-043    Overdrives . . . . $19.50

1963-64 Corvette Console Automatic Indicators
      (Install with RTV silicone)


SW264-100    TH350 & Th400 . . . . $19.50

SW264-110    Overdrives . . . . $19.50

Speedometer Gear 90° Adaptor

Useful for changing entry of speedometer cable into transmission. Clearance is about 2 inches out from transmission.

#703 . . . $50.00






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